Kanthimathi – Nellaiappar Temple
This is one of the Five Celestial Dance Sabhas [Divine Dance Stages] of Lord Siva. This temple is called as Thamara Sabhai [ Copper]. Chidambaram [Pon / Gold Ambalam] , Madurai [Velli / Silver Ambalam], Tiruvalankadu [Rathinam / Ruby] and Kutralam [Chitiram / Murals] are the other Four Sabhas of Lord Siva. Most popular and famous twin temple of Kanthimathi Nellaiyappar dedicated to Goddess Parvathi [called as Kanthimathi] and Lord Siva[called as Nellaiyappar] is located in an area of 14 acres. It is one of the biggest of its kind in Tamil Nadu in the heart of the Tirunelveli Town , on the banks of Tamiraparani River.
Courtallam [59 kms]
Located at an altitude of 170m, on the Western Ghats, is called as the “Spa of the South”. It serves both as a Tourist Location and Health Resort too. Since water falls rush through forest of herbs, the water has Therapeutic Value. June to September, the best season, attracts thousands of tourists every day.
Papanasam Dam
Located around 60 kms from Tirunelveli. The famous Papanasa Nathar temple dedicated to Lord Siva, is located at the foot hill of the Western Ghats and also very near to the origin of River Tamaraparani. Chithirai Vishu [April] and the Adi Amavasai [Jul-Aug] are the two popular festivals when lakhs of tourists converge in this town.
Tiruchendur [56kms]
This is one of the Six Special Abodes [Arupadai Veedu] of Murugan called as Lord Subrahmaniyan. Here Lord Murugan offered prayers to Lord Siva after the Soora Samharam. Popular and great Skandha Sashti Festival is celebrated during November and lakhs of pilgrim worship the Lord here during the festival days. The temple has a 156ft tall nine stage temple tower that dates back to 17th century. Bathing in the Tiruchendur Sea and the Nazhi Kinaru [sacred well], visiting Valli cave are some important rituals practiced by the pilgrims visiting Tiruchendur.
Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary [42 kms]
This is a 900 km2 Project Tiger Reserve sanctuary. Leopard, Sambhar, Sloth bear and many varieties of primates too are found in this forest area. October to January is the best season to visit this sanctuary.
Kalakadu Wild Life Sanctuary [47 kms]
This sanctuary is very popular with a great variety of Flora and Fauna. Short list includes Tiger, Panther, Jackal and Wild Dogs among the carnivores; King-Cobra, Python and several other Snakes among the reptiles population. The Kalakad Sanctuary was declared a forest preserve for the rare lion-tailed macaque, which is easily spotted here. The best season to visit this sanctuary is between March and September. Trekking is allowed here with the prior permission from the officials of Forest (Wildlife) Department. Other attraction in the vicinity is Kudirai Mozhitheri, a natural spring 12 kms from Tiruchendur.
Kunthakulam Bird Sanctuary
It is 33 km south of Tirunelveli town. This village is covered with natural forests and ponds. Migratory birds from Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka , USA and Australia migrate to this sanctuary for three months between January and April. Ariyakulam is another bird sanctuary 13kms east of Tirunelveli.
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